Missionary Partnership Plan


Continuing Your Partnership

With just one gift you can continue your partnership with your designated Wycliffe missionaries, both now and after your lifetime.

Through a Missionary Partnership Plan (MPP) with the Wycliffe Foundation, you can set up an agreement that allows you to financially partner with missionaries. It is simple to do and only takes a single current gift of cash or other assets, and/or a bequest through your estate.
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Missionary Partnership Plan
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How It Works

Through this irrevocable agreement, you can financially partner with your designated missionaries for an amount and frequency (usually monthly or quarterly) that you predetermine. Your contribution, which is eligible for a current-year tax deduction, goes into an interest-bearing account and your support continues as long as the missionary is in a financial relationship with Wycliffe, or until funds are exhausted.

You can set up an MPP to begin immediately, or, if funded through a bequest, to begin after your lifetime. If the missionary you choose to partner with leaves Wycliffe before funds are exhausted, the remainder will be used to help other Wycliffe missionaries in need.

If you'd like to learn more about advancing Bible translation through an MPP or another gift-planning option, please contact the Wycliffe Foundation.

A Plan for Partnership

Throughout Erin's journey to bring God's Word to communities in Mexico, she has found a strong partner in Alamance Presbyterian Church. From the beginning, her home church encouraged her to pursue God's call on her life to spread the gospel through cross-cultural work.

"My home church watched me grow up from the time I was three," Erin said. "They saw the whole process of me figuring out that missions is where I need to be. They really felt led to come alongside me and continue to be with me through the rest of the journey."

When Erin joined Wycliffe, Alamance Presbyterian decided to partner in a unique way through the Missionary Partnership Plan. This option offered by the Wycliffe Foundation makes it easy for Erin's church family to invest in her life and ministry, helping keep Erin on the field and focused on her translation work.

"It's made it really easy for my home church to give in a meaningful way. They don't have to think about it beyond once - they send a check and then they know it's taken care of. It's nice for me because I have that peace of mind.

"The community [at my church] has stood with me in prayer, encouraged me and stood by me financially. It's not just me doing the work - it's the whole body."

A Missionary Partnership Plan allows individuals and churches to give a single gift that sets up ongoing support both now, and into the future.

Invest in Bible Translation

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