Welcome Advisors

Thursday July 18, 2024

The professional services you provide for believers help build the kingdom of God. Thank you for all you do to make a difference in the world! We've created this page for advisors like you. It's full of resources that will help you share Bible translation with those you serve.

If you'd like more information, please contact Senior Gift Planning Advisor:

David Davies in the eastern US at [email protected] or 816-916-7244
Michael Occhipinti in the western US at [email protected] or 719-722-1489

Spirit-Led Giving

Throughout Scripture we see examples of God using people to carry out his plans for the world. The ministry of Bible translation is no exception. You and those you serve can be part of this mission through your charitable gift planning. There are many creative ways to establish your legacy and turn your assets into gifts for the kingdom work of Bible translation. Wycliffe Foundation helps create legacy plans that honor your client's goals, like being a faithful steward of their resources and providing for their loved ones, and allows them to change the lives of people who have never heard God speak their language.


Invest in Bible Translation

Millions around the world still need the Word of God in their own languages. You can change lives with your legacy!



We work strategically with several partners to bring God's Word to the world and your loved ones.