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The Legacy Society

Learn how the legacy of Wycliffe's founder can live on through you.
While selling Spanish Bibles in Guatemala in 1917, William Cameron Townsend began to notice a trend. Many Guatemalans couldn't understand the Bibles he was trying to sell, because they spoke other minority languages. He was working with a group of Cakchiquel speakers when he felt the call to help every man, woman, and child gain access to Scripture in a language they can clearly understand.

"If I have been devoted to my Lord's service in the past," Cam said, "by His grace, my devotion shall be a passion from now on." So, covered with insect bites, dirt, and sweat, Cam trudged through the jungles of Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru getting translation projects started for minority language groups. Oceans away from comfort, he worked with people to write their language and help them read it.

Cam founded Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1942, embarking on a seemingly impossible journey in hopes that one day all people would know that God speaks their language. He left an unforgettable legacy—one that's forever changing the face of the modern Bible translation movement.

Cam's legacy continues today. And when you include Bible translation in your legacy plan through the Wycliffe Foundation, you become a member of the William Cameron Townsend Legacy Society. It's a community of people passionate about helping others get God's Word in a language they can clearly understand.

Membership benefits:
  • A connection with people who share your passion for Bible translation and desire to faithfully steward your resources
  • Free newsletters with stories, progress updates, and creative charitable legacy and planning ideas
  • Free periodic reviews of your legacy and estate plans
  • Access to a professional network of Christian legal, tax, and financial advisors

Invest in Bible Translation

Millions around the world still need the Word of God in their own languages. You can change lives with your legacy!



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